{Where do we go when we dream?}
I noticed something lately that happens repeatedly in my dreams. Whenever I feel stuck in a situation that doesn’t feel comfortable, when I am somehow suffering, reliving a trauma, a fear, a fight, or any kind fo discomfort, I always find myself going to the same safe place. I drive, walk or just disappear/appear in front of the sea, as if the sea, this big immense ocean, was/is my secure space. I even recall turning off my phone, every time (funny detail though, as disconnecting to reconnect with nature). 🌊 Sitting looking at the waves, being close to water element relaxes me, makes me remember I am only dreaming. I catch my breath, observe what was bothering me or just find my balance, center, strength, and in that solitude in front of the sea I find my roots, my home. 🐚 I don’t always write my dreams, I wish I do more, but since ever they are so vivid and I often find myself having lucid dreams.
Do you also have a safe place you go to when in dreamland? Can you remember your dreams? Do you write them? Do you go to same places that feel familiar? I would love to know and hear your stories! 🌫
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