Nadine Feghaly
illustrator, visual artist and art therapist
from Beirut based in Barcelona.
Mostly creating colorful worlds based on poetry and daydreams,
inspired by the beauty and absurdity of the world that surrounds us,
by the sea, the colors of a sunrise, the sound of a river, the touch of a flower

or the warm embrace of a tree or animal friend.
Also, illustrating children’s books, designing fashion items and accessories
or experimenting with street art...

viola' was born in 2007.
Through her I express my emotions, dreams, poetry and thoughts.
Like a visual diary or an open window inside my room,
she somehow evokes in words and colours my most intimate
and personal visions and interpretations of reality.

My work can reflect any personal/social/political situation that I find myself in,
a poem I long to share, a mantra that keeps repeating in my mind,
an environmental preoccupation or a stubborn question that doesn’t want to leave…

I am mostly drawn to nature, harmony and silence.
While dreaming of sunrises that colour our cities,
poetry speaks directly to my heart, like river water, like a voyage in a train…
I look into people’s eyes, I try to be closer to my fears and doubts,
to the beauty of our tears and to the smell when it rains...

You are welcome to visit viola's Facebook page, Instagram, Etsy shop or Redbubble Shop. 
and I would love to hear from you regarding any questions about my work,
products, customized orders, collaborations or anything at all
Please contact me :

+34 622 569 020


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