Fertile solitude

If you’d ask me: what is your medicine? How do you heal?
I’d tell you all about solitude, that sacred fertile solitude. That time spent alone, when I am able to really listen and take care of my inner child and her needs, when I can hear my own silence, connect with my intuition, be one with what is, whatever appears, attend it, welcome it, embrace it.
“If I could catch the feeling, I would; the feeling of the singing of the real world, as one is driven by loneliness and silence from the habitable world.” —Virginia Woolf
I need and crave to be alone every now and then, it is where my creativity is birthed. Being able to hear the silence between my thoughts, give it space, let it rest. Trees talk, the earth holds me, the sky breaths. I feel one with the whole universe, I cry, I laugh, I shiver and fall in love with this life force and energy that runs through me, through my veins, voice and hands. I can listen to its secrets, to its messages, to whatever she is communicating with me or through me. I sit still and listen closely. This is my medicine. What is yours?

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