Another chance in another life!

To all the children who have lost their lives.
To all the children who never got a chance
to know life's many faces.
To breathe life.

To all the people who were born
and have died under fire,
under the rubbles of demolished homes
and buried dreams.
And to those who have been sieged for life
in open-air prisons,
who have struggled since birth
to attain a dignified life
to which they are entitled.
To those who have fought to
live, to be, to exist
like any other human being.

I pray that they are given
another chance,
in another life.
To be reborn into a life they deserve,
so they may know life,
so they may dance,
breathe, smile and love.

Until our humanity brings the humane in us.
Until we aim to give love and life
instead of taking them away.

I am sorry.


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