We dream of a greener Beirut

Enjoy your green space

"Beirut Green Project is a reaction to the uncontrolled sprawl of cement and buildings eating up our city. We believe in different modes of urban planning that take into account our basic human right to have access to more green spaces.

It all started in 2010, on World Environment Day, with a very impulsive street intervention, which aimed to cleverly point out how ridiculously little green there is in Beirut.

In 2011, we decided to carry on with larger interventions and projects, which not only raise awareness but also aim to change this situation. We formed a small collective of individuals who are frustrated, motivated, and energetic enough to demand more. With all the love and support we have gathered, we are hopeful that someday soon, our dream will become a reality."


 Interviews and articles:
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We dream of a greener Beirut


  1. bravo nadine :)

    are you going to be at the tedx green thing tonight in DT?

  2. stunning stuff. it's a shame that so many people in this country fail to appreciate the permanent, irrecoverable and tremendous loss that the lebanese are doing to their environment. we need a lebanese edward abbey.

    keep it up. i would love to join hands on your next intervention.

  3. ufffffffffff
    chapeau bas !!
    brilliant idea !!
    i did some public design interventions !
    but ur idea is ...... over .... gr8 !!

  4. Anonymous11:58 PM

    marvelous violate girl :)

  5. way to go, anything i can help with let me know. love u soo.
    i saw one of your bags yesterday! i love it.

  6. thank you everyone! let's hope it will help raise awareness and make a difference somehow someday!
    William, love :)

  7. wow khweit !!!! i m in as well for any help !!

  8. a portable piece of lawn grass, I should get that!
    on the same note, check out my post here http://blog.rawadelhoyek.site40.net/

  9. Jorge Dia3:58 PM

    Adore...Hyper bien bravo!!! pr Nadine et Dima et comme a dit Carlo Chapeau bas de ma part aussi et suis sur mes genous en plus....keep coming the good work !!!

  10. great stuff :-)

  11. I too think this is an excellent idea, and wonderful creative work by you both..but my question to you is, how would this be achieved..would it have to be achieved by way of destructing current buildings to allow for more green space? I wonder why urban planning adopted this structure to begin with!

    No wonder everyone is alway so eager to escape Beirut on weekends..

  12. this is the power of SIMPLE yet CREATIVE ideas!
    strong message delivered in a very sarcastic and creative way!

    good job!

    Patricia Zougheib

  13. Reda Mamari11:12 PM

    great work. simple and powerful. please keep it up!

  14. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..http://akoniwares.blogspot.com

  15. Anonymous1:44 PM

    we want more!

  16. nice initiative, hope it gets the municipalities thinking


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