why does it always feel like living on a construction field?
So instead of waking up everyday to the beautiful sound of birds,
(if we still have a few birds that live in our country)
these days i'm waking up to the noise of construction sites.
everywhere I go, old buildings are being replaced by huge towers,
which i hate, losing our old beautiful houses and heritage,
and weeks ago i witnessed the demolition of a very big tree next to our home,
no more trees, no more birds and no more old buildings.
I really hope we stop this before it's too late and Beirut becomes a place we don't even recognize.

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  1. great artwork Viola!

  2. I was thinking about this yesterday when i saw an old building eventually getting destructed..
    Some of the old pillars and that engravings on the stones were still visible.. I just thought of taking a pic to save what remained..

    I loved the poster too! constructions over my head!! sometimes it sounds like "knocking" but most of the time has an intense terrible sound with decibel out of limits!

  3. Darine thank you dear!
    Penig yep was it the one in hamra?
    it's just so sad !

  4. Reading this made me sad because its so true...we are witnessing a great loss of values in Lebanon

  5. love the artwork ... hate the truth in it

  6. I agree with all of your comments..nothing nice about waking up to a construction zone,,and at 6 am everyday at that! How can this continue? What happens when there is no where left to build?


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