{The turtle wisdom}

People who know me personally would have probably noticed that I am a slow walker. I love taking my time while walking, observing every detail, the color of the sky, the dogs passing by… but not only I am slow in walking, also in making things, I love taking my time in almost everything. It feels to me that it is the only way to be, I cannot move fast even if I am obliged to, it gets so stressful and things don’t work that way for me. I have been called a turtle many times and I must admit that it took me some time to accept it.

🐢 Turtle spirit then visited me and showed me how beautiful it is to savour every step, to feel the warmth of earth, to explore the world in a non-hurried journey. She also reminded me to stay grounded, to appreciate every step, to take my time, to take breaks every now and then and cherish my own rhythm... I think we have been taught to do things in a fast pace, especially in our modern times, as machines run faster, technologies and all. Faster, faster. This resulting in no time to stop, no time to appreciate beauty, no time to breathe, no time to be in nature or just doing nothing but enjoying the moment… But is this our natural way of being? Where are we running to? Why moving so fast? Why the rush?


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